Sunday, July 29, 2012

G-star raw opening

before i received the invitation to this store opening, i had never heard of G-star raw denim. my guess is neither have a lot of other pinoys. it's a different kind of denim that apparently you don't wash. huwaaat? eww. instead you're supposed to put it in the freezer to kill the bacteria. hmmm will that work here, where you sweat and encounter more than just bacteria? we shall see...

so to help introduce this dutch clothing brand to the local market, they got five personalities to act as brand ambassadors. let's meet them!

brand ambassador 1: supermodel pauline prieto

brand ambassador 2: commercial director sid maderazo

brand ambassador 3: it-boy/model/retailer/hipster/crush ng bayan michael concepcion

brand ambassador 4: designer gian romano

brand ambassador 5: supermodel/DJ sanya smith

G-star raw is located at bonifacio high street central 2/f right above the row of luxury-watch stores

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