Sunday, July 01, 2012

instagram is back!

i'm taking a break from blogging. follow me on instagram instead: ilardeliza

while instagram was down for nearly 24 hours, people switched to facebook and twitter instead. (or path if you wanna be different.) some of the tweets were actually quite funny. food all over the world getting cold because instagram is down! hahaha... well, since i'm quite new to instagram, i didn't feel the withdrawals as much. ok, that's a lie. i started around a month ago and i am hooked! it's just so much better, and faster, and faster, and better, and more fun than blogging. (with blogging, it just takes so much damn time to write, edit, choose pix, edit pix blablabla...) (not to mention, the learning curve for the new blogger format. who has the fuckin time??) well, i have no commitments to any sponsors or advertisers, so i can abandon this blog any time.

meanwhile, the food posters can go back to shooting their breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, merienda, and isaw (yes, strange-looking and -named street food included!)—which i think are the most popular pix. next to that are outfit posts, which i enjoy viewing. i'm curious about those multiple photos within a frame. which app do you use? the following have been recommended to me: picstitch, frametastic, diptic, photoshake, and picjointer. which one do you use and what is your review?

my last blog post was about my trip to helsinki, which i posted on instagram a lot. from helsinki, we traveled to stockholm. it was my first time to both cities (and countries—finland and sweden, respectively), so that was exciting. you can still view my photos on instagram! including food and outfit pix!

outfit pix are fun. i have to admit i'm a lurker on several style blogs, both from the philippines and abroad. i like to see how people put pieces together. some i like, some not so much. some are inspiring, some make you go hmmmm... but one thing's for sure—they're all so young! i wish i had the legs to wear those pekpek shorts! hehe... and i wish i had the stamina for those heels! at my age, it pays to have a hubby to hold on to!

so maybe there should be a style blog for my age bracket. older than britney but younger than madonna. sige na nga, start ko na. since i love prints so much, i have a lot in my closet and am always in danger of repeating. starting today, i will try—TRY—not to repeat for the rest of the year. might be difficult for someone who tends to wear two or three prints at the same time... and tends to repeat! like this maxi skirt i bought in bali last year!

see you at instagram! follow me: ilardeliza

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