Tuesday, July 17, 2012

let's eat: sushi sei

the hubby and i like to eat out. and eat good. so when someone recommends a restaurant--old or new, cheap or expensive, near or far--it goes on our list. so when someone suggested we check out a new japanese restaurant called sushi sei, we didn't hesitate to drive out all the way to parañaque (which is far if you don't live in the south).

it took a while to find because aguirre street is a long stretch of road filled with restaurants! all kinds! they say a good sign is when there's lots of cars parked in front and the place is full. well, not always because when we finally found sushi sei there was only a truck parked in front of it, which was blocking the sign so we were lucky to even spot it.

sushi sei is tiny. it consists of a sushi bar with chef seijyu standing behind it and seats only around 10 people. and there were two seats left--yey! there is no menu and dishes are served omakase-style, which means you leave everything up to the chef. he'll make and serve whatever is fresh from the market--or whatever he feels like! so picky eaters need not apply.
chef seijyu served us a series of sushis, and each time he would say, no soy sauce. he dipped each one in his own special sauce, which gave the raw fish enough flavor. see pix below!
feel free to chat up the chef, he'll be happy to explain. and don't worry about being lost in translation--chef seijyu speaks perfect english. with an american accent at that! he lived in the US for many years and in fact had worked and/or owned several japanese restaurants in san francisco and miami. after he closed the last one, he moved to the philippines to teach some kind of martial art (sorry wit ko knowsing).

sushi sei also serves cooked food during the weekdays. closed on mondays. located at 325 aguirre st, BF homes, parañaque city, cel +63905-513-5226


Anonymous said...

Can I suggest switching the black background for another lighter color? Its really difficult to read your text without straining the eyes, even for for someone with perfect vision. Thanks!

the fash pack said...

hi anonymous i actually do want to change the background color. but i don't know how! still experimenting with this new blogger. i tell ya, it ain't easy for us amateurs!