Wednesday, July 18, 2012

party at privé

lola liza doesn't usually go to events after dinner, but rhett eala is a friend so when he invited me to tonight's party at privé, i said... sige na nga! it was a party sponsored by belvedere vodka to welcome liz uy as the new plains & prints brand ambassador. (apparently they're not called image models anymore. napaka-passé na term, very last millennium lang.) the invite said 9pm, so i said let's go early so we can leave early. the hubby and i arrived at 9:15pm and oh em gee pina-alis kami kasi closed pa daw!! so we decided to just kill time with pica-pica and beer at draft (that's another annoying story. next time). we finally went back at 11pm and by this time the place was full and really hopping. and just in time to catch raymond gutierrez introduce liz!

here's rhett, liz, and half a raymond:

check out the crowd that came for liz--wow! (dami kaya nyang fans--just check how many followers she has on twitter and instagram. i'm one of them!)

here's tonight's outfit: randy ortiz for myth men's jacket, jerome lorico for folded & hung men's shirt, CPS chaps black jeans, hogan patent boots.

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