Wednesday, July 25, 2012

rain sun rain

this morning as i got dressed to leave the house, it was dark and gloomy and raining. by the time i got to my lunch appointment, the sun was out and it was HOT. how ridiculous did i look?? but thank god for the layering technique. all i had to do was peel off the jacket and toss the skinny muffler. then i needed them again tonight as i had to walk from building to building in greenbelt--not good when it's raining.

brown on brown on brown (with a touch of green--i'm a tree!) at romulo café in quezon city (how fab is that wallpaper??). mom's vintage raincoat, collezione C2 faux tie-dye men's T-shirt, herbench pants, prada boots, avon giveaway tote bag (which I use for all my office basura and is getting heavier by the day), kids of bayo skinny muffler.

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