Saturday, August 04, 2012

friday it's friday

when friday rolls around, while most people say TGIF, I say ONIF, which means oh no it's friday! (got that from louis claparols's facebook wall and i could relate!) that's because friday is closing day for style weekend. that's when we have to make sure all articles and photos are submitted, edited, laid out, proofread, then sent off to the printers. that's when I put out the virtual do-not-disturb sign.
above: j.crew cardigan, folded & hung tank top, unica hija skirt, leggings from tiangge, fitflop patent clogs (bagay sa ulan)

so friday dressing has to be comfortable, stretchy, not tight, easy to move in, does not require holding your breath, and, above all, is not meant to be seen in public! but since i started posting my outfits, i now make an effort (which is good because you never know who might drop by the office, or if you suddenly have to attend an event). i noticed i hadn't been posting most friday outfits because that's when i post style weekend's cover. so aside from the above, here's what friday's print-a-day challenge looks like! (not too many since i just started the challenge last month)
above: plains & prints dress, mix cardigan, sandals from bali, prada belt

above: j.crew cardigan (repeat performance), topshop dress, unarosa leggings, coach flats, vintage belt

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Anonymous said...

Hi Miz Fashpack, I'm so happy since you started posting more of your outfits! Nakaka-inspire. I like you, Laureen and Camille. Please also write some tips on how you style your prints challenge. Are you also on Twitter?

from your reader MeM