Wednesday, August 01, 2012

typhoon gener

wow this typhoon gener just won't go away! last sunday night when the wind suddenly got strong, then the lights started to flicker and eventually went out... eek! scurry...

then this morning, all that strong wind was back! i took a peek at manila bay and this is what i saw... eek!
waves almost as tall as the coconut trees and slamming hard against the breakwater, flooding roxas boulevard! pedring proportions na toh! i know people who were stuck in traffic for over two hours and had to wade through knee-deep waters just to get to work.

when the wind subsided a bit, we decided to brave the flood and traffic on roxas to get to work in intramuros. portions were still flooded and i saw piles of basura that washed up on shore along the baywalk. thankfully, the city was cleaning it all up!

so since today was a wet day, I was in a waterproof outfit from head to toe, just in case I had to wade through intramuros flood (thank god I didn't). what I wore: mango raincoat, DVF x gap kids' T-shirt, muji men's shorts (I like to call this my chef shorts), burberry rainboots, longchamp bag, rafe belt (like how the bee and the belt match?), specs from seoul.
and if my day wasn't exciting enough, in the late afternoon just outside my office window, i saw these men standing on the intramuros walls. then i noticed another group of men combing the area behind it with the overgrown plants and weeds, who were later joined by the police and the guardia civil—with guns! ohmygod, was there a giant snake, a buwaya, a dead body?? it turns out it was a snatcher who ran and tried to hide there. he was caught. eek! what a way to start the month!

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