Monday, September 17, 2012

adam levine rocks with bench

i haven't even written about last week's spectacular bench universe show, then here comes bench announcing their new international celebrity endorser. what a shock it was to get the invitation to the press con last thursday, the day of the first bench universe show!

when i posted the above pic on twitter and instagram, of course i had to block out the date, time, and location of the press con lest they get stalkers hehe.. but bench always gives fans and followers a chance to see their idols—there was to be a separate meet-and-greet with adam levine at SMX right after the press con.

so today we, the media, were given specific instructions to be at salon de ning by 430pm because they will close the doors by 445pm and start the press con by 5pm and by 520pm, adam will be whisked away! ok! so i was there by 4! and ben was already there!

we were ushered in by 430pm and because i was at the front of the queue, i got the best seat in the house! well, not the best seat because there were only 20 chairs, all reserved. i got the best standing spot—i was right smack dab in the center with a clear unobstructed view. woo-hoo!

he finally came out at 534pm! here he is seated on the red leather chair with host raymond gutierrez, who read our pre-approved questions.

here's a shot of a smiling adam, laydeez and gheyz!

a few expressions! which one do you like best??

the tatts! (and ooops a crotch shot, hindi po sinasadya...)

photo op with ben chan!

congrats, ben and bench, for this casting coup! what an exciting 25th anniversary year this has been so far! now i'd like to see other local retailers top THIS international celeb endorser!

watch out for the full story in next week's issue of style weekend!

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