Tuesday, February 12, 2013


i live across the manila bay. my flat, though, does not have a view of the bay and i often have to step outside my door in order to view the daily glorious sunset. and although that fact often breaks my heart, it breaks my heart even more to know that there may come a time in the near future that i might not even be able to see the sunset from my building. because there are plans to reclaim more land in order to construct clusters of buildings that will block the sunset view from roxas boulevard and existing buildings and establishments. and these plans were approved by manila mayor lim. seriously?? so when there was an announcement to have a silent protest by having a synchronized sunset viewing and to create a human chain on the manila bay seawall on roxas boulevard, i knew i had to be there. this happened today starting at 4pm. let the photos speak for themselves. 

the neighbors and i came in full force!
this was the stunning view i caught as i arrived. people lined up on the seawall!
this mini chopper thingy with a video camera was flying around, capturing the scene
carlos celdran and his doppelgänger?
even the doggies came to join the protest!
people young and old came to see this unobstructed sunset
doing the wave! (and i hope it wasn't to say buh-bye to this sunset...)
we had an unusual sunset today—half lit and half shadowed. could the bay be telling us something...?

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