Wednesday, March 20, 2013

my manila fame find

did you guys get to visit manila fame at the SMX convention center last march 14-17? if you didn't make it, be sure to catch the next one in october. twice a year, this international exhibition showcases the best in philippine design when it comes to furniture, home furnishings, christmas decor, and of course fashion (apparel and mostly accessories). this season i was honored to be asked to be a judge for the fashion category of the katha awards. here i am with my fellow judges for this category: 
L-R: millie dizon, SM's VP for PR & marketing; isabel de leon, manila bulletin lifestyle editor; me

last october 2012, ann ong won. well, guess what, she won again! this is her winning piece below, a minaudière called virginia, from her sierra madre collection. it's made from felled trees, cut and polished, and trimmed in gold. i like that it recycles beautiful pieces of wood found on the ground, and not from chopped-up trees. 

it wasn't my first choice, though. ann's piece certainly had the wow factor and i can imagine it on the pages of vogue as a last look item. a lot of the accessories we saw were not earth-shattering in terms of design, but often it was the back story of the company or the design or even the materials used that made them interesting. i was very drawn to the ones that were sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled... but you couldn't tell. and this is the one that moved me the most: raw earth collections by silnag. check out this necklace below. can you tell what those fine little beads are made of? 

i was shocked—and a little grossed out at first—to learn they were made from carabao nails! ewww, right? but the tiny beads were so clean and polished, you wouldn't even be able to tell. here they are mixed in with another part of the carabaohorn: 

they also use the bones (after scooping out the bulalo), but i wasn't able to take a picture. the carabao parts are just cleaned and bleached, not dyed, so the colors are very natural.

here is a necklace and matching ring to which they added crystals for some color: 

but the owners emphasized that no carabaos were killed just for these accessories. they collect the horns, bones, and nails from cara-beef slaughterhouses. ok, stop reading if that grosses you out because you will be surprised how much cara-beef is used in our everyday food (allegedly, some local corned beef and fast foods use cara-beef). so instead of throwing the parts away, they are made into beautiful, wearable things. zero waste. it's the wave of the future. 

for more information, visit their website

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